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Imparfaite Is Making Parisian Vintage Available to the Masses Online - Vogue

The clothes are the sort that these women consider to be their uniforms. There are pretty floral-print dresses from the 1960s, gingham off-the-shoulder tops, delicate corsets, Levi’s jeans, and Birkin-esque basket bags. “Our best-selling items are the Austrian cotton blouses, the flower dresses, and the 501 jeans,” says De Béchade. “I really think we as shoppers are getting sick of finding the same clothes over and over again, and dressing the same. We are sick of bad-quality clothes that never last too.” De Béchade also notes that their team spends a lot of time and care making sure that every item they put on the site is in great condition. “We add new pieces every day,” she says. “All of them are carefully reviewed and selected. On top of that, we photograph nearly 200 pieces on a French muse, a girl with style who can give women inspiration and help them realize that you can wear vintage every day and still look and feel incredibly modern.” Bridging the gap between then and now is really the essence of Imparfaite. “We truly believe that women are looking to feel something when they buy clothes,” De Béchade notes. “Vintage pieces often remind them of something their mothers or grandmothers wore during their childhood, and they resonate with them and serve as a reminder of their history.

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